As we approach the beginning of a new year, it is commonplace for businesses to think about their business resolutions and decide what to focus on for the new year. We at Bristol Bubble Ball believe in selecting one goal (and no, we’re not just talking foot golf) to focus on is actually more effective than a whole string of unchecked boxes. Everything that happens within your company should essentially boil down to one thing: how good, productive and motivated your staff are.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Essentially, happy employees are more productive, more cohesive and open to collaboration. A good team should be a well-oiled machine, with members working together to give the best UX, service and production. Where productivity can lull after a holiday, getting your staff together with a team-building exercise could set them in the right stead for a fantastic new year. Nothing boosts morale better than getting the team together to have a round of foot golf, tag archery or even beer goggle football. The upshot is: make it fun and they will come!

Increase productivity

Exercise and strategy are good for the brain, and sending your team on a team-building exercise will require them to use these areas of the mind in a collaborative fashion. This will boost productivity for a number of reasons. Ultimately a happy team means an enthusiastic and motivated team. If people feel that their needs are being met at work, then why would they not feel satisfied? And when they are satisfied and motivated and they believe in the company, they are at their most productive.

Improve communication

All too often in the digital age, employees and colleagues hide behind emails. Everyone has a busy workload and not all employees take advantage of the opportunity to communicate effectively. Some people are simply not gregarious enough, as they feel they have not made strong enough connections at work. Giving them the opportunity to spend time getting to know each other and develop skills in a fun way will improve communication between individuals and departments.

Develop relationships

Integrating new team members, reconciling differences with existing colleagues and giving staff something positive to talk about are all huge benefits that come from organising and executing a fantastic team-building day.

Emerging leaders

Some people are naturally excellent at organising and others prefer to take a passive role. As a CEO or HR manager, you will know that each of these people has an important role to play in the team, be that in the office, classroom, field or warehouse. Team-building exercises help to identify emergent leaders and define other company roles, giving you an insight into team members that goes beyond anything you may see in the workplace.

Push their limits

Encouraging people to participate in activities which take them out of their comfort zone is an effective way in helping them develop as individuals as well as team members. Many people will give in to peer pressure when asked to join a team-building day. Whilst this may not be comfortable, pushing boundaries demonstrates resilience and often surprises people in terms of their own capabilities as a team member.

Improve confidence

If you have noticed a team member who is more than capable but lacks the belief in themselves, or if you run an organisation wherein you have several learners or members who fit this bill, a team-building exercise is fantastic at rebuilding confidence. Linked to the idea of pushing one’s limits, team-building exercises such as our foot golf, bubble ball or tag archery are just some of the unique activities we offer, which can give people confidence in their own capabilities.

Lifelong skills

Striking, largely in its simplicity, is the idea that your team workers are acquiring lifelong skills simply when participating in any team-building activity. This is because the skills of open communication, leadership, collaboration, evaluation, communication and even the more simple qualities of being reflective, adaptive and intuitive are essential in any one of our activities. Whether its foot golf, xtreme dodgeball or even beer goggle football, our activities offer fun for team building. Without even knowing it, your staff will also be acquiring transferable skills which will not only serve them well in the workplace but also throughout their lives and careers too.

At Bristol Bubble Ball, we offer a variety of team-building exercises to provide fun and unique experiences for developing and integrating your team in 2017. By the end of the activity, we can guarantee you and your staff will feel bonded, unified and motivated. To receive our latest team-building insights, sign up to our monthly newsletter here.

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