1) Give people a choice

OK, so you won’t give your staff a choice about if they can take part in the team building day or not. However, you can let them choose what activity they take part in. Bristol Bubble Ball provide a range of options, including tag archery, beer goggle football, xtreme dodgeball, footgolf and much more. At least one – if not all of these activities – are sure to tickle your staff’s fancy. Therefore let them choose their favourite one, and they should feel much more willing to get stuck in.

2) Hold the event on a suitable day

There doesn’t have to be any particular rhyme or reason for locking down a date. However, you should certainly steer clear of any days that may be inconvenient to your staff. You’ll certainly want to avoid any dates where the office is busy, meaning staff could fall behind with their workloads as a result of going on the team building day.

3) Routinely book team building days

If you hold team building days routinely, your staff will learn that you’re committed to the idea rather than just booking them at a whim. It also won’t take the workforce long to realise the events are actually fun and necessary. The suggestion of a team building day isn’t always met positively. This is mainly because some members of the workforce don’t realise the importance of such an activity day. Therefore, your job is to change their attitudes and drum up support for the big day out. It’s actually much easier than it sounds, and if you follow these four tricks, you should have your staff’s backing.

4) Explain the benefits

This is very important. It would be wrong to presume that your staff immediately recognise all the benefits of a team building day. Instead, you should explain how such events can help the workforce improve. Be sure to stress that they foster new relationships, strengthen communication and bring colleagues out of their shells.

There are fun times ahead
Once you’ve followed these four tricks, your staff should be on board with your decision. Afterwards, you can book an amazing activity for everyone with Bristol Bubble Ball. Call us today.

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