Whether it is a day of voluntary work, the setting up of a company sports team, or playing extreme dodgeball, team building activities can be used to encourage or reward; as a means of breaking the ice for new team members; and to encourage relationships to form between staff. You can also use the activity as a time to identify potential leaders, analytical thinkers, and to identify the introverts and extroverts of the group.

  1. Identify leaders

Every team needs a leader; somebody to guide the rest and to stand up and lead. Hold team based events and you will be able to identify those that are willing to take charge. More importantly, you can identify the individuals that other team members are willing to follow.

Remember that the loudest participant does not necessarily make the best leader.

  1. Identify roles

A team needs more than a leader. It needs analytical thinkers, those that are happy when performing repetitive tasks, and it needs creative minds. It also needs introverts as well as extroverts, and a team building day offers a more natural environment for you to find and identify all of the roles for any team.

  1. Encourage relationship forming

Research from MIT suggests that non-work communication is a key to forming strong working relationships and it stands to reason. If a person is not only working for the good of themselves, but for the good of their friends, they will be more inclined to go the extra mile.

They will be better engaged, and an engaged employee is a productive, happy, and effective team member.

  1. Ice breakers

The terms ice breaker and team building day have not always been met with optimism, but a modern team building day with activities like foot golf, tag archery, or bubble ball, encourage new team members to get involved with the rest of the team. Some team members need this nurturing in order for them to be effective team members, so you should ensure that you provide it.

Team building activities can be fun. They can bring teams together, and they can be used as a means of reward, as well as a method of improving morale and opening lines of communication. Do something different for your team building day and reap the rewards.

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