New Year is not far away. It’s always a pivotal time on the calendar – not least if you are a business owner. From increasing productivity to introducing new strategies, there’s surely a lot that you’ll want to be doing come January. However, don’t forget about organising a team building day for your workforce. Such outings are beneficial all year round, but they tend to be more important than ever at the start of a new year. With that in mind, here are four reasons why booking a team building day should be one of your top priorities in 2017.

It should combat resignations

Many people often vow to find a new job when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. But this resolution can be quite fickle – and it’s up to you to change their mind. A team building day should reassure your staff that your company is a great place to work and that you are dedicated to strengthening the team. In turn, this should have them questioning whether it’s a good idea to resign.

It makes your company desirable

People won’t just be looking to leave the workforce in January. Instead, there will also be people interested in joining the company. The best candidates will surely be impressed by your commitment to team building and won’t shy away from applying.

It re-establishes direction

Christmas is often a relaxed time in the office. After all, there are parties, decorations and plenty of days off. You’ll want your staff to snap out of this mind frame when they return. A team building day is a great way to do this because it shows you’re keen to re-establish direction.

It’s something to look forward to

Last but not least, team building days are fun! There are plenty of activities to choose from, including Bubble Ball and Tag Archery. The exercises will be something for your staff to look forward to as they fight off the post-Christmas blues. Don’t forget, it’s important to keep spirits high in the office.

Start the year with a bang
A team building activity is the best way to start 2017 with a bang. If you book a session today, you may even find the next 12 months are more productive than ever.

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