Everyone loves a quick game of footy, but if you want to up the stakes a bit how about a Bubble Football match.

With the players donning large zorb like bubbles, be ready for more crazy antics than your standard kickabout.

So once you’re in your Bubble how do you retain your competitive edge and get the most fun out of the ensuing madness?

Here are a few of our favourite tips for bouncing the opposition off the pitch when playing zorb football.


What is Bubble Football?

Firstly you might be wondering what exactly is Bubble Football?

Think your standard game of football, except every player is wearing a large protective bubble.

Sounds simple?

It is but once you’re on the pitch things get a little interesting. Without the use of your upper body, it’s easy to be sent flying and the bubble means you will soon be bouncing around the field.

With such madness it could be easy to think that tactics fly out the window as quickly as the players flying across the pitch, but if you want to ensure victory there are a few things to keep in mind.


Ball Control

Maintaining control of the ball is the ultimate challenge of Bubble Football. When even the simplest tackle can leave you rolling and bouncing in the opposite direction, your skills will be pushed to the limit.

The real key here is paying attention to lots of things at once. Not only do you have to keep the ball at your feet; not an easy task when your upper half is now a ball itself, but you also need to keep an eye out for approaching players so you can dodge their charging tackles.

If you see someone coming towards you at speed, you best move quickly or pass the ball before you’re sent flying. The awareness of players without the ball is also essential, both players can be taken out by a tackle so it’s up to those players standing by to swoop in on an unmanned ball.


Don’t be Afraid to Get Aggressive

The beautiful thing about zorb football is how physical you can safely get. The bubble protects you from all sort of damage.

A great winning tactic then is to be not too shy when going for the ball. Take the opportunity to smash into your opponents at pace and watch as they fly off into the distance, completely safe. Trust me, they’ll be doing the same to you as soon as they have the chance.

When going in for a tackle, weight is obviously a great advantage but that doesn’t mean that smaller players can’t take people out – it just means you have to think a bit more tactically. If you go in low on a tackle and take out someone’s centre of gravity get ready to watch them roll, no matter their size.

Roll With It

With everyone charging at each other and flying tackles as standard, another important Bubble Football skill is being able to take a tumble.

There’s no escaping it you will get tackled and you will fall over, probably more than once in fact, it’s all part of the fun!

Once you’ve been tackled and find yourself bouncing across the field it’s important to get back into the game as soon as possible.

The bubbles are specially designed to protect your head and upper body, with straps to hold you steady inside. So when you find yourself flipping and rolling, going with it will get you back on your feet quicker.

After this it’s just a matter of reorienting yourself as quickly as possible then picking yourself and your bubble up and getting back to the business at hand; smashing into whichever bubble clad player has the ball.


Don’t Forget Your Defence

Zorb football is super fun and aggressive and it’s easy to get lost in the laughter, but if you are seriously trying to win it’s important not to forget the kind of tactics essential in a normal game of football.

Despite the fact that most Bubble Football games have a no goalie rule, that does not mean you have to abandon all hopes of preventing goals. Assigning one or two players, depending on how many players in a team, to a defensive position can really help to secure victory.

We can’t account for people getting caught up in the moment and breaking position to run in on a mad dash tackle though and who could blame them?


Grab a Geek

Gone are the days of the nerds being left at the end of the team selection. Zorb football players have a distinct advantage if they can figure out exactly what way a tackled player will bounce and for that a knowledge of physics and trajectory can be a great help. Get a scientist on your team and he could prove to be your secret weapon.


Don’t be Nervous

As the ensuing madness of a full blown Bubble Football match surrounds you it can be easy to lose your nerve.

Was that your best friend you just saw bouncing past screaming? Surely you didn’t just watch your mother send you father flying into the distance?

Don’t worry though, zorb football is very safe. After all, the idea is that you’re covered in padding!

Keeping a cool head and staying moving is essential if you want to remain competitive. And not only that, if you are stood still you’re making yourself a very tempting target for any rogue players out there.


Enjoy Yourself

It’s hard to take Bubble Football too seriously and that’s because you’re definitely not meant to. I mean you’re dressed in a giant bubble and so are all your friends.

One little hit and someone’s off like a pinball. The real idea of zorb football is to have as much fun as possible.

So our ultimate tip to get the most out of a match? Forget about trying to win and enjoy knocking people off their feet or being sent flying, you’ll definitely leave with a grin.


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