Bristol Bubble Ball

If you fancy a kids birthday party that can handle all that relentless energy, thirst for fun, and then some, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than Bristol Bubble Ball.

This incredibly silly, but supremely fun activity takes your standard football match and gives it one giant, inflatable, rolling twist! Sure you can try sticking to ordinary football, but the fun really begins as you’re bounced and flipped through the air, bashing into other players and forgetting which way is up, all from the safety of your own inflatable full body zorb.

Bubble ball is great for everyone who doesn’t mind a bit of safe rough-and-tumble and is great for both sporty and non-sporty types.

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Little Giggles

Little Giggles offers 4,000 square feet of open plan play space that is perfect for little ones up to the age of 8 to explore their adventurous side in a clean and safe environment. This family run business specialises in soft play and offers a great range of activities.

Your child can take on the spinning arm, ducking and jumping trying to avoid being knocked over. Or try conquer the castle in the sensory flying balloon room during a nerf party! Or take to the high seas in the rock ‘n’ roller areas where your child can rock on the pirate ship, roll on the rolling bridge or take on any of the other moving obstacles, all while developing their confidence, balance and climbing skills through imaginative play.

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Bristol Zoo Gardens

There is a wonderful place tucked away in Bristol Zoo, a jungle hideaway that is waiting for its own jungle king or queen to take the throne!

This is a great idea for children’s parties that are more self-led. Set in the depths of the jungle, it feels like you’re surrounded by exotic animals. While the Lions might be off doing lion-things, you can still safely encounter the jungle mini-beasts, where your little ones will get the chance to get up close to lizards, snakes and even hissing cockroaches!

There is also the option to take to the skies above the zoo, with zoo-ropia. This adventure ropes course will have your little ones climbing away on a whole manner of different obstacles from the Red Panda Clamber to the Lizard Ledge or, if they’re brave enough, the flying dragon!

From way up there it will be hard to separate the cheeky monkeys from the actual ones!

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A Star Kids Parties

There’s no business like show-business, and with A Star Kids Parties, your kids will be able to step up to the mic in a professional recording studio for a fun day living out all their rock star/diva/superstar fantasies! This is a fantastic idea for tweens who love to sing and get creative.

Inside, the kids will rehearse with the expert sound engineer working out the chorus, solo lines and make sure everyone is warmed up! Next up, it’s the live room where you’ll have all the gear and guidance you need to record your number one hit just like the superstars. Finally, in comes the mixing where their tracks will be mastered with the latest recording tech and burned onto a CD for them to remember forever.

You never know, you might discover the next big thing!

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Adventure Team Parties

Expert adventurers Olly and Johnny are very serious about having fun and this birthday idea will knock your kid’s socks off!

This is an interactive story-based adventure party that sees kids using their imagination to create an extraordinary experience. At the party, the kids will be taken on a magical action-packed adventure using role-play, music, comedy and plenty of games!

These parties are as original as they are fun, and have a range of adventure scenarios from fairy-tale and safari, to pirate and super hero. Throw in some underwater or space voyages and you’ve got an adventure that will cater to any birthday theme. With two expert children’s entertainers at the helm, your kid’s birthday party is guaranteed to be the talk of the playground.

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Crazy Climb Bristol

Sometimes there’s nothing better than strapping on the safety harness and letting your kids loose, from scaling teetering towers to flashy light up volcanoes, there’s over 20 different challenges to try and something even the grown-ups can get involved with!

Crazy Climb Bristol is a great birthday party location that can cater to a whole range of climbers and there’s even a specific area dedicated for the youngest climbers that offers closer holds and areas where you can safety play low level climbing games.

The ratio of climber to instructor is low for younger age groups so everyone can have a safe, fun and confidence boosting session. You can choose to book out certain slots or make the whole thing your own personal playground.

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Sharky and George

Rather than grow up and do boring adult stuff, Sharky and George decided to build a whole team of guys and girls who are experts in fun, to throw jaw dropping parties for kids of all ages.

Their parties centre around getting everyone involved in imaginative and emersive experiences that range from races and games to adventures and missions (always involving touch of mischief!). There are lots to chose from too. You can throw the most incredible dance-offs imaginable with their disco parties that come armed with decks, speakers, lighting. Throw in some UV face paint and break dancing and you have a party that even the grown-ups will wish for!

Or how about a science-party for the budding scientists that will blow their minds with experiments, explosions and, of course, lots of slime!

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