Corporate Events

There are numerous benefits to a business implementing a team building day. Team building days encourage people to get to know each other; allow people to spend quality time with each other, and provides people with the chance to learn about each other.

Team building days are all about people learning what resources they have and how to use them wisely. This can be internally or used to weave long standing relationships with external businesses/ customers.


No event is too big for Bristol Bubble Ball, we have enough balls to cater for 10 – 100+ people and can host events such as an hour of casual play or an afternoon tournament with multiple courts in use. We can of course also entertain your staff with our other activities as well depending on your preference.

Each event is bespoke to you and we can arrange prizes, trophies, champagne for the winners as well as food for your guests to enjoy. We use the goals soccer centre in Brislington for our corporate events which is perfect to accommodate your event with its huge bar area for any presentations as well as the licensed bar if your participants fancy an alcoholic beverage.

At Bristol Bubble Ball, we appreciate the importance of making your team building event special and as hassle free as possible and therefore we aim to be the 1 stop shop for your entertainment needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can put together a team building day for your business.

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