If you know someone who is football crazy (football mad), and are planning a birthday party or stag, you’ll know there’s nothing quite like surprising them with the ultimate football themed activity for their special day.

There are tons of activities out there to choose from, and we’ve searched high and low for the best football themed ones. These aren’t football themed paper cups and banners. No, these are made to make any die-hard football fan’s party something to remember.  

Some are pretty straightforward, others are a little more out of the box, but all of them are sure to make that football themed birthday party or stag extra special.


Match day tickets

This one’s an oldy but goody. There’s nothing like watching your favourite team play the beautiful game surrounded by your best mates. So, if you really want to push the boat out and go for something special, get them match day tickets to a big game.

While it can usually be a nightmare trying to get seats, there are now plenty of suppliers out there who can make sure you can soak up the atmosphere at some of the most prestigious stadiums, together.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, why not upgrade to a VIP hospitality package. You’ll end up with the best seats in the stadium and all sorts of fancy 5 star luxuries from free booze and canapes to rubbing shoulders with some of the most important names in the Club’s history.


Stadium Tours

Sure you may have already seen the stadium from the seats, or maybe a match isn’t on the cards for the party. Even then, there’s nothing like your own personal stadium tour to take you behind the scenes of where the magic happens.

Check out the view from the perspective of your favourite players as you stand on that field and imagine thousands of cheering fans. Or tour the changing rooms and take a walk in a legend’s shoes as your head down the player’s tunnel. Most tours have knowledgeable guides (sometimes even former players) who can regale you with the club and stadium’s history, allowing you to appreciate the beautiful game in a way like never before.


Bubble Football

Sometimes you need a new twist on an old classic, and there’s nothing quite like a 5-a-side kick about with your mates, but this time you’re in giant inflatable bubbles.

Bubble football is quickly becoming one of the most popular party activities and for good reason.

It’s active, it’s fun, and it’s most definitely the silliest thing you’ll do all year. There are no red cards here, and tackles that would get you sent packing in a regular match are positively encouraged.  

You’ll quickly find it’s far more fun running into and knocking other players off the ball and laugh as they bounce and roll around in the safety of their bubbles, trying to get themselves upright. Be warned, it will probably happen to you too and revenge is sweet!

All the other normal rules apply, but soon you won’t be counting goals, but rather how many times you can knock the opposing team down.


Foot Darts

Think you’re better than Messi? Or is your free-kick all talk? Well Foot Darts is the game to test every boast you and your mates have ever made as you compete for ultimate bragging rights.

Foot Darts combines two classics, football and darts, into a hybrid that will test precision and accuracy. You’ll split into teams and take turns kicking Velcro footballs into a giant inflatable dart board and see who can hit the bulls-eye.


Foot Golf

Another hybrid, this time combining football with golf.

You and your mates will be donning your preppiest jumpers and taking to a different kind of field. You’ll do away with all this golf-club nonsense. Who needs Irons or Putters when all a real player needs to use is their right and left foot!

Don’t worry though, the course will have football sized holes for you, but don’t let that fool you. This game is a real test of skill and takes the sport of golf and makes it faster, fun and more accessible. There are plenty of forfeits so you make sure you come under par!


Goggle Football

Sure you can call yourself a decent player, but have you put your skills to the ultimate test? Well goggle football may be your game!

Get ready for some serious head spinning, mind messing action as you take to the field in all the regular kit, but with one game-changing addition. As you don the vision altering goggles  you’ll lose all sense of direction, depth perception and, seemingly, skill.

Forget goal scoring or showing off your best tekkers, everyone will be roaring with laughter as they struggle to perform even the most basic tasks, like kicking a stationary ball, or running in a straight line.

It might sound straightforward, but just wait until those goggles come on!


Play with a legend

They say never meet your heroes. We say that’s nonsense.

Taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kickabout with a legend is something nobody is going to forget and the perfect activity for any football lover’s party.

There are plenty of packages out there now offering you the chance to play with former premier league legends, and after you’re done having kickabout, you even have the chance to grab a drink with your hero and find out everything about what it’s like being professional sportsman. Talk about special!


Premium 5-a-side Football

There is nothing like a football with your mates. So why not take the humble kick-about and give it a premium upgrade for the special day?

With a premium 5 a side football package, you can hire a pitch and a qualified referee, so your cheating mate can’t get away with diving and nobody has to complain about decisions.

Get your kit, get the ball and head to the pitch with your best mates for a brilliant football themed party activity that is as simple as it is fun.