Bristol is a great city for football fans. We have a long, storied football tradition and are home to two great clubs, Bristol City F.C. and Bristol Rovers F.C. There are also plenty of smaller clubs too.

So with all that history, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that there are plenty of great football pitches for hire in Bristol, and parks where you can play football with your mates for free.

This is our run down of the best amateur football facilities available in Bristol. Whether you’re looking for a great indoor football pitch with locker rooms and showers or a free grassy park for a kickabout, there’s plenty on offer.

Even better, in Bristol we have enough on offer that you can choose whether you want an artificial, indoor, outdoor, grassy or astroturf pitch.

And there’s somewhere suitable for every size game, whether you prefer 5 a-side, 7 a-side, 11 a-side or something in between.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the pitches.


Football pitches for hire in Bristol

Goals Bristol

Let’s start with our favourite pitch provider: Goals Bristol. They have two locations in Bristol, Goals Bristol North and Goals Bristol South. If you play Bubble Football with us, there’s a good chance it will be at Bristol South, although you are free to choose the location.

Both facilities offer 10 or more pitches for hire, as well as a bar, cafe, live sports and free wifi, perfect for before and after the game, as well as for those who aren’t playing.

Their pitches use pro-turf, an artificial grass that feels like and is as close to real grass as you can get. But it also come with a built in extra shock absorber which makes it easier to play for longer.

Both locations offer floodlights, changing rooms and showers and all their pitches are outdoors and all-weather. Goals offer a great product at a great price with really friendly staff and great pitch availability.

Council facilities

This is the big one. Bristol council offer an extensive choice of indoor, outdoor and all-weather pitches for hire, as well as free places for a kickabout.

All their pitches are available for regular bookings if you’re looking to create your own club or league. Or you can hire any of them on a pay to play basis.

Indoor Council Pitches

Most indoor pitches have changing facilities and showers available, although it’s best to check beforehand whether the facilities will be available as sometimes the pitches can be hired out when the facilities are closed.

Most indoor pitches in Bristol are for five-a-side rather than full sized pitches.

St Paul’s offers a great pitch for those looking to play five-a-side in the centre of Bristol. The sports hall is great, but it’s the location that is killer for this venue. There are changing facilities and showers on offer here as well.

This venue offers an indoor 5 a-side football pitch in a large sports hall, as well as changing facilities. It’s perfect for a kickabout with friends any time of the year.

The following also offer indoor football pitches:

Outdoor Council Pitches

Most of the outdoor pitches in Bristol have floodlights available for playing in the dark.

This venue is part of a secondary school, but available for hire after school, on weekends and during school holidays.

Changing facilities are available and there is a 3G, all-weather 5 a-side pitch available, an outdoor football pitch without floodlighting, and a floodlit grass training area (although be warned, it lacks any specific markings).

Horfield Leisure Centre offers four outdoor 5 a-side pitches and one 8 a-side pitch. All their pitches are artificial all-weather 3G and relatively new. They offer floodlighting and changing facilities, as well as a cafe. Or if you’re looking for something indoor and a bit warmer, there is also a five-a-side pitch available in their sports hall. There’s even a fully equipped creche if you feel like dropping the kids off while you get in some footie with your mates.

This is a great venue with lots on offer and good prices. There are 5-a-side pitches available for a kickaround with your mates, as well as full size 3G and grass pitches. All pitches are floodlit and come with access to changing facilities and a bar. And these pitches have drainage systems, making them great in all-weather.

St Paul’s has three all-weather floodlit 3G artificial outdoor pitches, perfect for five-a-side, six-a-side or seven-a-side football and they’re available seven days a week all year round. There’s also a floodlit concrete pitch and changing facilities. This is the perfect location if you’re looking to play football somewhere in the heart of Bristol.

The following also offer outdoor facilities:


There are 57 grass football pitches available in Bristol’s parks. To learn how to hire a pitch in one of them, click here.

Cranford Park has three pitches available.

Dundridge Farm has two pitches available.

Eastville Park has three pitches available.

Kingshead Lane has one pitch available.

Netham Park has five pitches available.

Oldbury Court has three pitches available.

Redcatch Park has two pitches available.

Wellington Hill has one small pitch available, suited for children.

Dorian Road has two pitches available.

No matter what you’re looking for, Bristol will have a pitch perfect for you. If you think we’ve missed out a big one, leave it in the comments below!