So you’ve got the honour of having one of the most important roles in your mate’s wedding?

The countdown has begun, and the stag do is in reaching distance. Your team all want a night to remember. But with so much to organise and with rising costs of stag do’s, it can seem like a daunting prospect.

Here are several things you can do to be the best man for the occasion.


The most important thing to consider is to leave yourself enough time to actually plan your stag party. Give yourself at least 3 months before the event to decide what you want.

The longer you leave it, the more likely that the best event venues will be booked up, so you can never be too early.

Deciding the date

Deciding on the date will allow everything else to fall into place. We typically do not recommend anywhere within 2 weeks of the wedding, as this time period will be overshadowed by the final run-up to the wedding.

You will need to consider what is likely to affect the date of the stag do, such as:

  • Are there any important events during that weekend? Birthdays? Other pre-wedding events?
  • If you are planning to do something outside, is it a time of the year which is likely to suffer from bad weather?

Having these sorts of things considered will allow you to properly plan a date which works for everyone.

The most popular months to throw a stag do are May and July, so bear in mind that venues and activities will be especially competitive during this time. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Guest list

As with the previous point, there’s nothing worse than leaving the booking until the eleventh hour, as this will also affect your guest list. Giving everyone enough time to clear their plans will allow you all to have the most memorable night possible.

Statistics have shown that the average group size for a stag do is 13, which may have been smaller than what you were imagining.

Choosing the right group of people can be daunting. You may want to think about whether there are clashes from within the group. Make sure that everyone gets along before inviting everyone.

Finally, before sending the word out, consult the groom first. He may want his brother or dad to come, and without asking first, you may overlook this.

Location & price

Did you know that Bristol is the most popular UK stag do destination? With Bath coming in at number 7, you’re in the right area for a great time.

Choosing a location which works well for everyone is almost as important as the date. Sure, many go abroad for their stag do’s, but something closer to home is just as good sometimes.  

The final thing is to choose something which is within everyone’s price range. Not everyone can afford to go abroad, and so your groom will appreciate it more if everyone is there to enjoy it together.

Choosing something different

Stag do’s don’t have to be constantly drinking throughout the day. Instead, try to think outside the box.

Recent years have seen a rise in the number of people choosing to sign up for fun activities at a stag do. According to recent studies, going to a bar/ club was considered the best thing to do at a stag do, with go-karting and paintball coming runners-up. In recent years, Bubble Football has been found to be the most popular stag do activity.

Other important activities you could do include music concerts, theme park, or an escape room.

Choose a company which is going to cause you the least amount of stress possible will save you a lot of time.

Arrange a payment system

Once you have booked the main activities make sure that you ask everyone for their share of the wedding. Many activities will rely on a deposit scheme, and so it’s only fair that everyone chips in.

Setting up a group chat on WhatsApp, Messenger, or a Facebook event will help you to keep everyone updated as the organisation goes ahead.

This can also extend to the night, as not everyone will be able to throw money into just the night.

If you all pull some of your money together at the beginning of the night, not only will you not have to keep asking around, but it can keep you all from massively overspending.

A guaranteed day of fun

In order to give your mates a memorable day, you need to:

  • Plan everything in advance, from guests, to venues, and activities.
  • Consult with the groom to make sure it is what he wants.
  • Plan something which is within everyone’s budget.  

And if you’re struggling still with organisation and feel like you want a little more help, we’ve got the answer for you. Download our template which will help plan the biggest night of the year.