So you and your stags have decided to have the party in Bristol? You couldn’t have picked a better city; a chilled out sea side vibe, plenty to see and do and one of the best nightlife scenes in the UK.

Now you’ve picked the location for your big weekend it’s time to decide what to pack in. To help you, we’ve handpicked some of the truly epic things to do in Bristol.


Stage a Great Escape

What better way to celebrate the Groom’s inescapable fate than an Escape the Room game?

For those groups who want to stretch their intellect and wit, these activities pit you against the clock and some devious puzzles in order to escape the room within an allotted time limit.

A number of companies now offer these experiences in Bristol;

Puzzlair Bristol is highly recommended or how about Hell in a Cell for a more chilling experience? For larger groups how about splitting into teams and taking on the same room separately to add some competitive spice?


Bounce Back

Airhop Bristol is the worlds largest indoor trampolining park!

Get your stags leaping and somersaulting through a number of different trampoline based activities, including: slam dunk basketball, trampoline dodgeball and foam pits for trying out some wild stunts.

Group bookings are encouraged and discounts are available. Definitely not recommended for the morning after the night before.


Behind the Beer

Ever wondered what exactly goes into making the amber nectar?

Find out with a behind the scenes tour at Moor Beer Co. Starting from 12pm every Saturday you can find out how Beer is made from the experts themselve – although don’t ask them for any trade secrets.

The tour is accompanied by a three beer tasting to get your Saturday started and you can sample well into the evening at the attached taproom.


Walk Like a Pirate

The Bristol coast has a historic reputation for the fiercest pirates and smugglers and what are you and your stags if not a group of rogues and brigands out to pillage and plunder?

Celebrate in style with one of the many pirate walks available in the city. Catch up with Pirate Pete and explore the exciting history of Bristol, personal pirate costumes optional.


Hit the Dance Floor

Bristol is famous for its nightlife.

Regarded as one of the birthplaces of British rave culture and drum ‘n’ bass, there’s plenty of excellent choices for your stag party to spend all night dancing.

Thekla is an internationally renowned nightclub on a boat, with a potential Banksy mural nearby, or for a more authentic rave vibe check out Motion in its warehouse complex. Big name DJs hit the Bristol club scene every week so keep an eye out for your favourites and grab a ticket to secure a wild night.


Bubble Football

Fancy a kickabout with the lads? How about one with a difference? You and your stags can join in with the madness that is Bubble Football. Every player wears a zorb-like bubble and the play commences.

Conventional tackles are out the window as player on player collisions send both parties flying across the pitch. The carnage is a hilarious way to bring your stags together and a bit of team based rivalry is sure to add to the banter.

We offer excellent packages and group discounts, even if we do say so ourselves.


Get Racing

Go Karting is an excellent Stag Party activity. Pitting everyone against each other creates great friendly competition and Bristol has no shortage of places to fulfil your need for speed.

Absolutely Karting have recently opened the UKs biggest indoor karting track in the city. Covering two levels, there is a potential 1000 metres of track for your group to battle it out on.


You’re Havin’ a Laugh

Bristol has a thriving comedy club scene and a good comedy night can be the perfect start to an evening of revelry – beer on tap and comedy on stage is always a winning combination.

Riproar Comedy Club runs a show every Saturday evening and Smoke and Mirrors hosts a magic and comedy show if you’re feeling more adventurous.


Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge

Bear any grudges against any of the stags?

Still need to reek revenge on the groom for some heinous misdemeanour in your past? What better way to settle the score than a dodgeball game.

We offer an Xtreme dodgeball experience so you can recreate your favourite (and only enjoyable) Vince Vaughn movie.


Leap of Faith

The groom is making one so why not the rest of your stags?

Leap of Faith is an action adventure company located conveniently for Bristol where your group can put their courage to the test.

Activities include; climbing, abseiling, zip wire, assault and aerial courses, Bristol’s only giant swing plus the big attraction a giant Leap of Faith. Stag parties are encouraged to test your mettle.


Shoot ’em Up

That grudge not going to be settled with a couple of well aimed balls?

Up your fire power at Hamburger Hill, which offers fantastic Paintball and Lazer assault combat zones alongside quad biking.

Over 20 combat arenas are on offer including a 100 foot bridge, helicopter and jet fighter, making this the authentic war zone experience. Load up your stags and let them battle it out across 100 acres of courses and activities.


Check out the Tags

Bristol has established its place in modern culture as the home of street and graffiti art, specifically as the hometown of the internationally famous artist Banksy.

A number of Banksy’s works are preserved throughout the city along with other great artists. The council encourages street artists and there are a number of hotspots where you can see new art works being put together as you watch.

In a city like this, no street is the same twice, so take the time to explore the art work yourself or take one of the many guided tours that lead you through the city’s street culture. WHERETHEWALL is noted for its detailed and interesting graffiti tours.


And finally, we might be a little biased, but if none of these take your fancy, or even if they do, take a look around our site and check out some of the other great activities we offer at Bristol Bubble Ball. We guarantee you a great time for your stag!