So you’re now a best man? It’s every guy’s dream; the excuse to pull off the biggest party you can imagine with your best friend. But when the excitement settles, the responsibility kicks in: a group of wild stags to control, a speech to write and no party can be as epic as the one you’re planning without a lot of effort. So to make life a little easier and help you pull off the biggest blow out without a hitch, here’s our list of expert tips for planning a stag party of insane proportions.

  1. Chat to the Stag

Everyone has an idea of their perfect Stag do and the last thing you want to be dealing with on the day is a disappointed Stag. Obviously you want  some surprises, but take the time to chat to the Groom, find out if there are any outright no’s on your list of ideas and see if there are any activities that he’s really excited about. It’s essential to check your guest list with the groom, or even make it together; who knows that long lost friend might have been lost for a reason.

  1. Get the ball rolling early

Stag parties can be a complicated and expensive event to pull off. You need to plan around the schedules and budgets of every stag involved to make sure no one is missed out. Avoiding last minute planning can make your life so much easier and allows for more room for people to book dates off work and save up cash for a wild weekend. Set the date and guest list early and the rest of your planning will be much easier.

  1. Make a Group Chat

Once you have your guest list throw together a group chat online, think Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. This way everyone can communicate any issues or changes of plan to the whole group easily. It also allows for people who haven’t met to get to know each other before the event, and everyone can get involved in some pre-party banter. Maybe leave the Stag out so you can plan some sneaky surprises?

  1. Set a Date

Choosing a time to suit all the stags can be a nightmare, but there are other things to consider as well. If you plan on a lot of outdoor activities then try accounting for the weather when setting a date. Although if you’re staying in the UK planning for the weather may prove impossible. Also be aware of other events in your group of friends; is there another wedding or planned holiday that you run the risk of clashing with? The most important thing is to talk to the whole group and chose a time that suits everybody.

  1. Choose a Destination

Do you want to host the Stag party in a different city? Different country? At an activity centre? Travelling, especially abroad can add a vibe of epic adventure to your event, and as everybody knows: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This can be worth some thought though; would the money spent on flight and hotels be better spent on activities at home? Could the costs take people over budget? On the other hand food and drink costs can be so much lower at certain destinations that the savings make the travel worth it.

  1. Keep an Open Mind About Activities

There are loads of great day time activities that can make a stag do extra awesome. Action adventure activities; bubble football, zip lining, rock climbing and paintball are all very popular. Keep in mind the physical requirements of all your stags, something more static like shooting or archery might better suited to your group. Remember that guys are naturally competitive so a bit of healthy competition will get everyone in the party mood. Team based activities are a great way to create bonds between people who are meeting each other for the first time.

  1. Be Decisive

It’s no surprise to any of us that stags can be an unruly bunch and it’s now your job to keep them under control! It’ll be your job to solve minor disputes in the group and keep everyone involved and active. Even if it’s not your natural stance, a bit of authority goes a long way. When it’s up to you to make a decision, do it clearly and like you know exactly what you’re doing, even if secretly you don’t.

  1. Think Money

A kitty is a great way to avoid issues paying at restaurants and rounds in bars. Everyone can contribute over time, think a savings account but for booze, food and partying! If you’re not so hot with money, think about assigning a group treasurer. You’re the best man and you’ve got plenty on your plate already, have you thought about that speech yet?

  1. Contact Venues in Advance

A lot of restaurants, clubs and bars have a no stag party policy so being aware of these can help your party run smoothly. Contacting venues in advance can guarantee entry and means you always have somewhere to keep the party going. If your group is large enough, you might also be able to swing some sweet deals and discounts.

  1. Live for the Details

Pulling off an epic an epic stag party actually requires a lot of planning so keeping an eye on the details is really important. When planning travel make sure everyone has all important documents; passport and visas and that they remember to pack them! Be aware of dress codes for any venues you plan on visiting and make sure that everyone dresses to them. Keep in mind any check in, check out times for places you are staying, especially on the back of a big night out. It’s your job to keep all the little things in mind so that everyone can have the most fun…

  1. Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself

After all the planning it can be easy to forget that this is the biggest party of your best friend’s life. Once everything is moving don’t let it slip your mind to sit back and enjoy your hard work and party hard like the best of them!